Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Yes, I have managed to furnish the community center at Calico Estate. I think I'll play with our ship now too... In the meantime, I will be preparing an aggressive promotional campaign to get the rental information out to various publications/newsletter/ etc.

In addition, we'll be working on teleport boards for the the two new sims.

Calico Mano is coming along nicely! I'll keep you posted on that as well.


Friday, September 5, 2008

Progress -- 5 Sep 2008

Today I was pleasantly surprised to find that I took pictures of the various builds throughout Calico Station and Calico Estate several weeks ago. Also, I had already documented the coordinates for Calico Station, so I only had to work on Calico Estate. Phew! :-) Silly me!

With that said, I will be posting the photos to this blog within the next few days and will also create a slide show viewer for those islands and have that available there.

Oh, what am I getting myself into? I am a crazy woman!!!!!!!!!! I pray that folks will rent.... the builds are phenomenal!!!! And I will be booking bi-weekly venues to draw folks in, as well. (closes her eyes and prays.....)

hehe, thus she signs off with a smile and a sigh.....
-- Roteo.

August 13th -- opening of Calico Station

OK, so I'm late. :-) What's new! On August 13th we had the melodious voice of Cylindrian Rutabaga, Grace Buford in RL, perform for us..... Calico Station and Calico Estate are both ready for residential lease. I am going to prepare more this weekend to include:

* an announcement in M2 and SLNN
* more info on this blog
* Thursday, Sep 11, a vendor/teleport board on both islands
* purchase art and populate the common areas w/ furniture on Calico Estate
* agressively pushing the promotion of the beautiful rental space that we offer.

Please tell a friend! I think this is fabulous and I cannot thank Ferugine and Powder enough for their hard work and dedication to this project.

I'll keep you posted. Cheers -- Roteo ;-)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Continuing the Calico Estate Build and More

The Calico Estate build is coming along nicely! We have a cool bull ring with a bull that you can actually ride! lol :-)

Although not open to the public yet, the Calico Estate SLURL is:

I completely finished the set up of Calico Station to include advertising it in the classifieds and posting informational boards on the sim for potential residents. So Calico Station is OFFICIALLY ready for rent, This is so exciting!

Again, I just can't thank Ferugina Luna and Powder Pinkenba (SL names) for their dedication and tireless work on this project. They are great builders and I highly recommend them.

Monday, June 30, 2008

A New Beginning for Calico Management

Can you believe it? I have never blogged before! But I thought this would be helpful for the residents that will reside on the various Calico Management sims. I want this to be a place to post the various events, activities, programs, rental vacancies, and other general information for the group. I am a strong believer in communication -- so this is just a surrogate form of communicating with the residents on the Calico Management sims. Welcome!

First, I want to thank Ferugina Luna and Powder Pinkenba (SL names) for their wonderful work on the sims. We presently only have Calico Station available, but they are hard at work on Calico Estate.

SLURL to Calico Station:

The five sims are:
Calico Station (central sim) -- with a Mediterranian feel and plenty of 2048s and 1024s for rent
Calico Estate -- a more Spanish style sim, also with 2048s and 1024s for rent (still in progress)
Calico Manor -- this will be designed as a more Greek/Italian style sim, also with 2048s and 1024s for rent (not yest started
Calico Loch and Calico Heights are open space sims and will only have a couple of parcels available for rent and will have plenty of water and outdoor space for all residents to explore and uuse.

The rental rates are as follows:
1024 sqm > 234 prims > $1000L/week (initial payment to rent is four weeks)
2048 sqm > 468 prims > $2000L/week (initial payment to rent is four weeks)

I do hope you come and visit and perhaps rent. I will treat you well and support you in all that I can. Cheers! -- Roxi.